Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take part in a project?

You need a computer (laptop or desktop) which has a capacity of at least 2GHz processor (which is the ability of any computer purchased in the last five years) and a connection to high-speed internet. Also, you need to have installed the latest version of Java to record the video correctly; you can download it here.

It is essential that you do the project in a silent room. Make sure your computer microphone is switched on.

When and how do I receive a project?

You receive a job when a client publishes a project with a tester profile that fits with your age, computer equipment used, location and frequency of internet use.

Every time a project fitting your profile is published, you are notified by email.

When I receive a project availability notification, am I guaranteed to get it?

No, it just means your profile fits the project. The availability of a project is based on two things. It works on the first-come-first-serve model and also you may have to pass the qualification questions. If your answer is determined to be ineligible, then you can’t do the project.

Ineligibility for a project is not a bad thing at all. Simply it means you don’t fit the client’s target customer profile. For example, if the client is looking for testers who have purchased plane tickets within the last two months and if you haven’t done that you are ineligible for the project.

Will I be suitable for any project?

Our customers are from various business sectors and hence the projects. So, all profiles of testers will be able to get projects.

How often will I receive projects?

The frequency depends on the type of projects launched by customers and the tester’s profile requested by them. Also, it works on the first-come-first serve basis. Checkealos works towards offering a large number of projects so you can receive projects.

I had an email notification about a project being available, but it isn’t in my list of available projects.

Projects work on a first-come-first-serve basis. Also the number of testers required for projects varies. If a project needs ten testers, it is available till the tenth tester has accepted the project. It disappears after the tenth tester accepts and completes the project.

How long do I have to complete a project after accepting it?

You have to start the project immediately on accepting it. You must follow the instructions on the project to complete it. A typical project takes 15-20 minutes to complete. If the project isn’t finished, it will be automatically assigned to others.

How does the video application platform Checkealos work?

After accepting a project, you must follow the instructions and carry out the requested tasks. If you have installed the latest version of Java video recorder application, it is activated with a reverse countdown (three, two and one). After the countdown click the “start” button to perform the requested tasks. If you want to pause the recording for a moment, you can do it. After completion, the recorded video will be uploaded automatically. Uploading the video may take several minutes. Wait to ensure the video is fully uploaded.

How can I contact Checkealos?

You can email us at We will respond within 48 hours.