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User experience is a tenuous term. The challenges encountered when testing and measuring UX, can it be done in a rigorous way? Are there tools that can help in getting the right results? Yes, it can be done, and yes, there are tools.

If you are wondering about the reason why User Experience (UX) Testing is Indispensable. This article will give you a detailed answer.


What is User Experience?


One of its most representative User Experience (UX) definitions says: highlights the empirical, sentimental, meaningful and appreciated interaction of human and computer and the ownership of product, also it includes practical aspects of a person’s perceptions such as utility, ease access and system efficiency. User experience changes over time as situations change. User experience is how a person experiences a website and or product or a service.

A simple, positive, easy experience leads to more phone calls, more leads, and more revenue. An arduous, aggravating, and scattered experience leads to a high level of bounce rate, little or no leads, little or no phone calls, and ultimately little or no revenue. This is why it is so crucial to understand what actually works for the users or visitors. One way to find this out is through testing user experience. There are a number of platforms designed like digital marketing agency to help create and facilitate the testing of the behavior of website visitors as well as a number of different testing methods.


What is User Experience Testing?


User Experience testing the act of checking or measuring how useful, easy, desirable, findable, accessible, credible, valuable a website is. At an advanced level, user experience testing is the collective measurement of individual experiences in using a particular product such as websites or apps. It contains more than just a proper usability or a good visual design. User Experience testing is an invaluable tool in determining the functionality and sustainability of a website. Not only does it validate or contradict assumptions, it also enables the design team to recognize potential problems earlier before writing a single line of code.


Types of User Experience (UX) Testing


  • Split Testing.

Split Testing is type of testing that can be applied in both desktop as well as mobile devices, keeping SEO services in mind as a mobile approach.

  • Multivariate Testing.

Multivariate Testing is the testing of multiple variables at the same time. Multivariate testing might take more than one design change, layout, or messaging to see a significant improvement or result in the customers’ conversion behavior.


Why is User Experience (UX) Testing Indispensable?

It Increases Revenue

Devoting resources into user aligned platform can be a big advantage over competitors. Research shows that most business that uses human-centered design practices as a main focus of their growth strategy are able to gain higher ROI which is about 228% above S&P average. Testing product frequently and early will assist in increasing revenue in two different ways:

  • Enhance conversion rates

  • Improve Customer Retention and Advocacy

Investing resources into User Experience Testing will also create advocates for brands “loyal customers who will not only purchase products but will also inform others about the outstanding experiences”.

Cost Reduction

Apart from increase in revenue, User Experience Testing will also reduce cost. Getting feedback from customers will help in making research-backed and user-centered design decisions. There will be chances to avoid expensive development errors and to address customer’s problems proactively.

User Experience Testing will also allow the seller to know the area where customers get stuck or encounter problems for example:

  • Inconsistent or non-clear Navigation
  • Malfunctioning Features on mobile devices
  • Incomplete information
  • Inaccurate Search results


While Testing User Experience, User observation, interviews, and feedback are very essential.

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