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Sophisticated functionality and customization

Collect surveys response from our Global Participant Panel

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Boost Customer Happiness, Loyalty and Satisfaction

Get quickly the customer insights you need to delight customers, boost loyalty, improve retention, and create a culture of Customer First

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Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Market Research Surveys

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Collaboration at scale

Collaborate with others on the entire survey process, from creation to analysis.

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Type of surveys questions

Multiple choice. Rating scale. Likert scale.
Matrix questions. Dropdown questions. Open-ended questions. Demographic questions. Ranking questions. Image choice questions. Click map questions. File upload questions. Slider questions. Benchmarkable questions

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Measure and Improve customer satisfaction by monitoring, analyzing, and taking action on your Net Promoter Score over time.

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Collect  feedback

Collect feedback at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

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Analyze feedback

Analyze feedback to pinpoint key drivers and revenue impact so you can take actions that are meaningful to your business.

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Variety of Surveys Templates

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Empower your Surveys with other UX Methods

Segment by the feature you want - Checkealos

Improve retention and loyalty

Bring Survey Insights into your digital experience


Our survey platform makes it easy to create the surveys study, request to Checkealos Participants Network or your audience, measure and understand customer feedback so you can drive growth and innovation to your products.

Surveys can be used to gather numerical data about your customers, their attitudes, and their behaviors and cross the results with the other UX methods of Checkealos Platform.

Get feedback from anyone

Easily create surveys for Checkealos Participant network or any audience.

Get Customer feedback from anywhere

Gather feedback via weblink, email, mobile chat, social media, and many others.

Sophisticated Analysis

Analyze your results and get powerful analysis features.


Export your results or integrate your data with your favorite apps.

Share your data

Share and use your insights to data-driven decisions along with your team. Flexible control to share your data in popular formats such as CSV, XLS, PDF, PPT, and SPSS.

All Customer Feedback in one place

Combine and cross your results with data gathered using UX methods such as usability testing, live conversations, card sorting, and click testing.

Automatic charts and summaries

Get quick insights with automatic charts and summaries.

Advanced analysis

Analyze text responses with Word Cloud, Sentiment Analysis, etc and also our professionals researchers may support you in the analysis process.