User Testing Platform

Stop managing tools. Start researching correctly.

Individual & Enterprise Solutions - Checkealos

Our Enterprise Research Product gives you all the tools you need to recruit, research and make the right decisions – all in one place supported by experienced professionals in the field.


On-demand customer insights.
Up to 20 video sessions

Watch tagged videos of your customers speaking their thoughts aloud on your website, app or prototype and customer insight report.

NAccess to expansive Checkealos panel
NUX research clip tagging
NBasic testing capabilities - desktop, mobile & tablet
NPaypal and credit card secure gateways.


Advanced actionable customer insight dashboard for teams and business.

Unlock the power of user research through customized subscription plans

NAdvanced insightful and actionable information on the customer insight dashboard
NAdvanced Participation sourcing capabilities
NUX Research insight clip tagging
NAccount Executive Support
NUX Roadmap plan
NUX research consulting
NPayPal and credit card secure gateways / Purchase Order

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