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Checkealos User Experience platform will let you know what your customers want in a secure, flexible and compelling way.

Get quality UX insights in the easiest way - Checkealos

UX Testing

With Checkealos, the device, operating system, or the production phase does not matter. You can do everything.

Usability Testing with Checkealos

Usability Testing

Get fast, actionable insights with video, screen capture and audio of real users sharing feedback out loud as they walk through your website or app experience.

Competitor Analysis

Make UX your competitive advantage by measuring your performance over time and against your competitors.

A/B Testing

Check with your users which version is best received before releasing it to the market.

Expert Review

Our UX Experts Review will bring out positive aspects, improvements areas, and guide your attention to pending features.

Real customers give real insights

Find and connect with the specific audiences you need without the effort, long cycles, or costs associated with manually recruiting people to provide feedback.

Real customers give real insights - Checkealos

Get more specific with demographics

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User Panel

We count on a community of testers from more than 70 countries, segmented and focused especially on the markets from Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Latin America. Thanks to that we can help you discover how users of different markets behave on any product or digital service

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Checkealos User Experience Platform Capabilities

Panel precision when you need it, Checkealos User Experience Platform


We cover all user testing possibilities from providing user experience strategy and prototyping to user experience feedback.


Get more accurate results by creating a real situation for your customer’s issues.

User cases

Define step by step the user cases that you want to analyze and are critical to your business model.


Run studies on desktop, tablets, smartphones, and prototypes.


Get to the hearts of your customers, build products your customers love.


Observe your target customers interacting and thinking out loud in sample groups as they interrelate with low fidelity prototypes and test environment software.


Obtain a full report with insights linked to the video timing where the participant’s struggles are mentioned, as well as their significant reactions.


Share the project and findings with your team and other departments to help them improve the company with the UX Insights.

See how to create a usability test in three easy steps and check out an example of our reports

Usability Testing Report

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