The easy way to understand your users

Obtain the insights you need with the most intuitive User Experience testing platform. 


The easy way to understand your users - Checkealos
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Unmask the real problem behind the data

Discover, understand and improve how your users interact with your digital product and exceed their expectations. They will fall in love with their excellent User Experience.

Unmask the real problem behind the data - Checkealos

Know what your users need

Listen to their opinions. Find out what their wishes are and get ahead of your competitors.

Facilitate your users’ experience

Discover where your users are being blocked and be of assistance to them.

Do not waste time learning to use another tool

Checkelos’ User Testing platform is so intuitive that from the first moment you will understand how to use it.

The key is to understand your users

By becoming familiar with and observing the users interacting with your platform, we can tell you how to improve the interface and create an extraordinary User Experience.

UX Testing

With Checkealos, the device, operating system, or the production phase
does not matter. You can do everything.

Usability Testing

Run user tests with our extensive panel of users or your users.

Competitor Analysis

Benchmarking Testing – Multivariable Testing

A/B Testing

Check with your users which version would be best received before releasing it to the market.

Expert Review

360-degree review from our User Experience researcher specialized on your vertical and sector – In-depth insight report.

UX Testing - Checkealos

How it works

Get the knowledge behind your UX

Create your feedback project - Checkealos
1. Create your feedback project.
Specify your target audience - Checkealos
2. Specify your target audience.
Experiences recording - Checkealos
3. Experience recording.
Receive: Feedback video, analysis report, issue clips - Checkealos
4. Receive – Feedback video, analysis report, issue clips.

We have the solutions for all groups

Get the UX Insights you need to achieve the best results.


Get to the hearts of your customers, build products your customers love.

Design & UX

Know how users interact with your digital product and fix UX issues during the product development.


Make sure that all your campaigns are a success by listening to your customers.


Make a difference in your market with a great UX.

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“Checkealos allows games designers and producers to understand their players’ expectations and  experiences, and with this understanding, increase the virality of the games”

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Do you want customers to be more loyal and get better business results? Understand how users interact with your digital product

What web usability criteria to use?

When we talk about web usability we talk about the ease with which a user can use a web, navigate and interact with it.
An easy-to-use web (with good usability) is much more likely to succeed; Internet users want easy-to-use websites, do not want complications or need much time to understand a web or access information.
But … how do we get it?

What is User Experience

The User Experience (UX) is the perception, either positive or negative, that a user obtains after interacting with a product or service.
In the interaction of a user with a web page, a software or an app involved many factors such as graphic design, intuitiveness, trust, information architecture etc., which will be determinant in the user’s perception about it; That is, in the user experience.

What are the principles of usability in an APP

We understand usability by how easily it facilitates the user to reach their goals while interacting with it.
The term usability is commonly associated with the usability of websites or software, but the usability of mobile applications is also a very important factor.