How to retain customers online

Understanding client needs and desires helps brands create successful marketing campaigns.

UX Testing

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your product and how they compare to other design alternatives and the designs of your competitors.

Request direct feedback from your users on different design alternatives for your website, as well as an assessment comparing your platform against your competitions. Define all tasks that the user needs to complete during the usability test so you get the best possible feedback.

What We Offer

Checkealos helps you create the best market strategy for the strongest campaign possible. With the Checkealos test, you can observe your target customers interacting and thinking out loud in sample groups as they engage with your content and branding. We answer your questions and help you improve your design.

What we Answer

We answer questions like:

  • Does your landing page campaign work?
  • Why did the email campaign get deleted or end up in the Spam folder?
  • Does the content work on your customers devices?
  • Does the content headline work?
  • Does the AB testing of webpage or campaign page work?
  • Does the multivariate combination of content work?
  • Are there any keywords that don’t work?
UX Testing Improve Marketing
UX Testing Improve Marketing Results

What to Consider

Other things to consider about customer experience. Does the customer:

  • Experience reciprocity?
  • Feel visually overwhelmed?
  • Experience social profiling in your campaigns?
  • Have the ability to express their opinions or review your product?
  • Feel that they have authority and creativity while engaging with the content?
  • Feel motivated, interested, or challenged by your brand?
  • Feel persuaded by the content?

What People Are Saying

“As a whole, user experience determines how a brand speaks to its customers, and delivers the message it is trying to convey, effectively”

Digital Marketing Institute

“We started as a site where we were focused more on those official words from guidebooks or newspapers or magazines. We also had a button in the very beginning that said, “Visitors add your own review”, and boy, did that just take off. Pretty soon the number of average consumer reviews far surpassed the number of ‘professional reviews’. That is when the site really turned into this collection of what the normal traveler was saying wherever they were going.”

Stephen Kaufer – Co-founder, TripAdvisor

“82% of people enjoy reading relevant content from company blogs while a whopping 71% of online publishers claim well-formed mobile content significantly boosted user engagement.”

Quick Sprout