How Checkealos Works


1. Choose a type of test

According to the objectives of your project that you need to do?

  • Test of a single web, application or prototype
  • AB Testing
  • Do you compare yourself with your competition?
  • Do you want only an expert review
Test type - Checkealos

2. Analysis creation

Set up a study with the tasks you want the users to perform based on the critical user areas/cases of your digital Project.

Testing tasks - Checkealos

3. Specify your target audience

Select the characteristics that define the profile of your end users/customers.

The users from our panel who match the exact profile of your target audience will have access to the test.

Profile testers - Checkealos

4. Experiences recording

During the test, the screens and voices of the users will be recorded while interacting with the digital product/s.

Video Insights - Checkealos

5. Customer behavior insights

Our consultants will review each experience to indicate patterns of the behavior of your users, recommendations and improvements to be undertaken will be based on this. 

Results page - Checkealos

6. Get the results

 ✓ Report with insights, recommendations and improvements based on the user

Free report example - Checkealos

✓ Videos with the experiences of your clients.