According to the average figure coined by Baymard Institute’s calculations from 34 studies on e-commerce cart abandonment around 70% of shoppers online abandon their carts without buying anything. The question is why are they leaving?

In short, the answer is Bad UX.

Bad UX makes visitors abandon your site, about one third of the visitors who would have purchased from your website, will leave just because of a bad checkout process.  When your competitors are able to offer a similar product or services i.e. SEO services New York in a simpler way to purchase, it is easy to guess where the average buyers are going to after leaving your website.

Good UX increases the rate of revenue through conversion and retention.

Despite the fact that evidence as pointed to good UX as a conversion enhancer, most teams still handle user experience as a second thought. After all, when you browse for the list of a full UX workflow such as user testing, wire framing, user research, persona development, usability testing, etc. It looks like an expensive work with difficult-to-measure results.

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Based on the studies of Baymard Institute, the estimation of businesses across the US and EU collectively could recover around $260B in e-commerce sales, through payout or checkout optimizations.

Better UX at A Cheap Price

To have a better Ecommerce website development services, there is no need to opt for a full website redesign before refining customer’s experience. You can acquire a good UX in your digital strategy with these low budget improvements listed below:


  • Simplifying checkout process

Reduce the number of fields of information that users need to fill out during the checkout process. Try and automate some of the process for them and wherever possible e.g.  integrating of a Standard Address Validator to save time customers time and ensure to get a valid information for customer database.

Only ask for the minimum amount of information needed to complete the transaction. If your huge form scares away customers, you will lose both their details and money anyway.

  • Convince users without forcing them to compel.

    ecommerce UX

This is not for everyone. Ask yourself: do you actually need people to sign up before purchase? Doing away with the requirement of creating an account provides an opportunity to gain fast-track shoppers to successful conversion checkpoint.

  • Showing information needed at the appropriate time

Showing too little information can lead to buyers leaving because they cannot find the needed information. Showing information like order costs, discount amounts, cost of shipping, and other details will make customers feel safe in taking the next step.

Every phase of shopping experience involves different decision-making procedures and levels of responsibility. Every information divulged at each point of shopping procedure can help or obstruct the user’s progress towards the conversion.


  • Keep your website very fast, accurate and error free

Most users do not want to wait for any information not even for a few second. Delay is enough to breed an unfriendly user experience. Visitors patience and free time are limited, and they do not want to waste time on irrelevant details or start over because again just because something went wrong.