Earn Money Testing


Each feedback session lasts 15 minutes. You will receive € 8 (euros) per feedback!

Checkealos is a specialized online user experience feedback platform that helps companies create better and simpler websites and applications. We welcome people of all ages who are willing to provide feedback on websites and applications.
Earn Money Testing

What you need to be part of Checkealos?

You only need to have a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, email and a good internet connection, as well as:

  1. Willingness to provide 15 minutes of feedback
  2. A PayPal account.
  3. A PC, a smartphone, or a tablet with microphone (recommended 2 Ghz processor)
  4. Basic working knowledge of how to use the internet.
  5. An email address where you can receive new projects.
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Help us make the digital world a better place

Watch the sample and understand how to give proper feedback:

With Checkealos you can test

  • APP
  • Banking
  • Cars
  • Insurance
  • Ecommerce
  • Virtual Reality
  • More…
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