First Click Testing

Optimize your website and prototype user experience with interactive click maps


Find out what people actually do on your website

Evaluate first impressions and validate journeys

Get quality UX insights in the easiest way - Checkealos

Accelerate the right decisions

Run click tests on multiple design alternatives to understand which convert the best and meets your objectives.

Create your feedback project - Checkealos

Understand why a version of a page performs better

Gender - Checkealos

Prove if a website redesign is working

Age - Get more specific with demographics - Checkealos

Determine why a landing page is not converting

Internet Usage - Checkealos

Import / Export Jira, Rally, Trello

Device Usage - Checkealos

Pair analytics data with Checkealos customer insights to understand how people actually interact with a journey

Segment by the feature you want - Checkealos

Post Test and Post Task questionaire

First Click Testing


First-click testing allows you understand where on an interface people would click first to complete a task, giving you the insights you need to create interfaces that people will understand and achieve your key objectives such as for the content and visual elements to prioritize in the information architecture, the language you use for labels, links, and content, most optimal places to allocate buttons, shopping cart icons, images, CTA, forms, menus.

Measure user behaviour, identify opportunities to improve conversions, fix bugs, and iterate better your designs.

Heat Maps

Obtain heat maps and click density grid objective data you need within seconds, helping you to identify key aspects and share your first click data to make the right decisions.

Time on tasks

Creating website and apps that are intuitive and efficient

Success Ratios

Increase conversion, success rates, and ensure that visitors are finding what they need immediately on their first click.

Clicks performance

Combine First Click Test with Port task and post test questionnaire

Behavioural answers

-Where would you expect to click to..?
– Where would you click to navigate to …?
– Where would you click to progress to …??
– How would you access a specific component of..?

Comprehension answers

– What does this mean….?
– What is clear…?
– What helps you make such decision…?

Preference answers

– Click on what you like
– Click on what you don’t like
– Click on your main three elements
– What needs to change…?

No code needed

No need to insert any code to run a test.