IT Managers

As a business development manager, account manager, project manager, business analyst, QA test engineer and lead developer you understand the importance of adding value to clients throughout your work engagement. Your client’s customer is important for their business and hence needs the software to meet their customer needs and also be innovative. They typically need to justify the new software or revamp of existing software through KPIs like increased adoption, need for less training, increased self-service, reduced customer support calls and so on.

We are in the third wave of information technology where differentiator is not any more hardware or software but creation of usable and experiential software that focuses on end-user experience. It is really important to reliably observe, monitor, understand, measure, reliably interpret targeted customer emotions and behaviour to create engaging and usable software. Automation is only one aspect of good user experience and not everything.

Prevent customer or competitors just squeezing you on price

Changing customer perception to be of investment rather than expenditure

Customer Retention

Win new business within a client organisation

Have those data driven conversations with tech team and business stakeholders


Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves

Steve Jobs

Ex-CEO, Apple Inc

If we’re honest with ourselves, our user experience hadn’t kept up with the competition. In the first ten years eBay created the market. Now we’re positioning ourselves to innovate off our core platform. This is not a project. We’re never done.

John Donahoe

Ex-CEO, eBay

See what other organisations are doing:


At Barclays, design is regarded as a means to connect with customers and their needs. The Chief Design Officer of Barclays, argues that “our insights are informed based on customer behaviours and … not necessarily what they tell us in focus groups, but it’s the observation of their behaviours in their environment that we try to design around.”

US Bank

“US Bank’s during their website redesign wanted to cross-sell and up-sell through design replicating the success that happened within the bank premises”

They ended up observing customers interacting with a bank staff while they opened accounts, enquired about new financial solutions or decided on specific packages to bring this experience online.

Sales Force

At Salesforce, to build Lightning Experience, we had to think about the UX holistically, so we took our solutions and best practices and created a living design system. The Salesforce Lightning Design System is a collection of design patterns, components, and guidelines for creating unified UI in the Salesforce ecosystem.

These patterns were built on observing customer behaviour.

Checkealos offers targeted end-customer segments and user experience discovery tools like customer observation that help getting early and continuous feedback. It is important that you observe and test throughout the lifecycle and not just during release. You get feedback in the customer’s natural context and also you have the ability choose the environment. You can also go back to your client and have rational discussion about future product or service roadmap.

Checkealos also offers partnership opportunities to work together. You can offer additional UX services to your clients through the partnership.

Whether you are business development manager, account manager, project manager, business analyst, QA test engineer and lead developer you will find this observation of end-customers help you build the most needed, client satisfactory products and provide you insights to prolong client business.