UX Marketing Professionals

As an analytics manager, content marketing manager, CRM and email marketing manager, digital agency account manager, sales director, copywriter, digital director, digital marketing manager, web manager, PPC search manager, search manager, SEO manager, social media manager, community manager you are responsible for your customers digital marketing success you understand the importance of creating optimised campaigns that result in conversions and relevant metrics.

It is really important to reliably observe, monitor, understand, measure, and interpret targeted customer emotions and behaviour to create engaging campaigns. Understanding emotions driving customer behaviour helps you move the customer through the sales funnel effectively and provides value to the marketing spend.

Customers expect a lot from digital marketing these days. Many of your customers may be impatient, want directions from you or expect magic happening from your side, we can help you.

New customer acquisition

Costumer retention

Helping customer narrow down customer segments

Controlling marketing spend based on what works

Brand communication, SEO, banner ads, retargeting ads

Providing metrics requested by customer on campaign success

Customer Journey

As a whole, user experience determines how a brand speaks to its customers, and delivers the message it is trying to convey, effectively

Digital Marketing Institute

We started as a site where we were focused more on those official words from guidebooks or newspapers or magazines. We also had a button in the very beginning that said, “Visitors add your own review”, and boy, did that just take off. Pretty soon the number of average consumer reviews far surpassed the number of ‘professional reviews’. That is when the site really turned into this collection of what the normal traveler was saying wherever they were going.

Stephen Kaufer

Co-founder, TripAdvisor