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Creating this blog we intend to give you the necessary tools to define, plan, execute and measure the usability of any product or technology in the easiest way.

These tips are indicated for Product managers, UX designers, E-commerce managers, Game developers, UX professionals and anyone interested in learning about usability and user experience metrics. Here we will define statistical concepts, the value of measuring the user experience, the usability concept and different metrics. All this explaining the common basis and also the specific ones.

Know the 2018 Trends in the User Experience. Some of them are really important nowadays, and in this article we show you how the UX will develop his path though this year.

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Product Management and User Experience Design to be mutually exclusive, as some business strategies deliberately exclude the input of the user in order to develop a longer-term “roadmap” for their product.

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Every business with a presence on the internet should continually evolve and adapt to the challenges that arise with advancing technology and new consumer habits. Among the important factors that designers should improve is UX Design.

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For businesses selling their products online, the difference between good and bad UX on their interface can make or break the success of the brand.

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The main reason that your user abandons your page automatically or after a short period of time is because they have found a problem with your homepage.

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Designers have realized that with a better comprehension of their players’ psychology, they will almost always produce a more intuitive interface and, as a result, a more enjoyable game.

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In the world of digital marketing, the general appeal and usability of one’s user interface is a widely recognized ‘must’ for any product, service, or business hoping to attract consumers.

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It is imperative to know how to use prototypes in web design when creating any type of digital service for any device.

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Why are professionals in user experience so important? Undoubtedly it is a figure that is emerging strongly in our reality

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User Experience Map

By Checkealos • August 18, 2017

Today we are going to focus on the importance of the user experience map.

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Usability Study


We aim to help you to set up a usability study through a step-by-step process. Defining the study, participation goals and choosing the right constraints for a wide variety of situations.

It covers different aspects of the user´s behavior such as task success, time on tasks, errors, efficiency and ease of learning.

In order to obtain new results, learn how to combine different types of insights and metrics into a single usability score, summarizing them in a usability scorecard or comparing them to expert performance.  It gives you an overall assessment of its usability

We will advise on which usability metrics suits your company best and provide tips and recipes on how to use them in the most beneficial way.

We will also talk about these topics we consider important to know:

  • Usability testing
  • Expert review
  • Multivariable testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Accessibility data
  • Return on investment (ROI)

The best way to show you the benefits of investing in user experience is through our case studies. Usability experts in different types of companies gave us a review of the various types of usability metrics used internationally. The key to a golden standard is how the data is collected, analysed, reviewed and used in order to obtain professional and quality user experience in technology.

All this and much more, you will find among our articles. Interested in what we deal with a specific topic? Send us your proposals!