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Thousands of end-users from Spain,Latin America, USA, UK and India

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Who we help

Our philosophy

We want people to provide best-in-class user experience for their customers. With checkealos, we aim to increase the success of projects, avoiding expensive labs or inefficient tools. Providing a way to connect every digital professional with their target audience and break that barrier with their end user no matter the size.

How we help


We count on a specialised tool in User Experience of digital environments, we test remotely the experience that the users have when they interact with the different digital products, recording their screens and voices while they interact with them. We have our own database of users, it is segmented and specially focused on the markets from Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Latin America. This allows us to find and select the exact profile of your target customers, quickly and in a guaranteed way.

Which will let us to assess both your clients and the competitor’s, reducing by 10 the times and costs of the User Experience Research.


From the analysis of said experiences, we obtain an exhaustive knowledge of how the users consume your digital resources and those of the competitors, how to fulfil their expectations, how to improve the new customer acquisition flows and, in short, how to increase the conversions, sales, KPIs, and at the same time to cut down client support efforts and lost times in digital development.

An important aspect to highlight is our strong quality filter, which we apply to every received experience: audio, video, user profile, feedback… With it we ensure completely to meet your quality requirements and to deliver 100% representative results.

Our Presence

We count on a community of testers, Spanish and English speaking with presence in Spain, USA, UK, Latino America and India. Thanks to that we can help you discover how users of different markets behave on any product or digital service.

Checkealos Prensence World Map


The Team

Alberto Morales Flores
CEO and co-founder.
Sreeramen Ramaswamy
Co-founder and chief of products and technology.
Rocio Salinero
Operations Head
Adán J. Pozo
Marketing Manager
Esteban Saavedra
Esteban Saavedra
UX Designer and Researcher.
Fernando Ferreiro
Fernando Ferreiro
Marketing Head
Alberto Flores
Alberto Flores
Marketing onboarding experience head
Isoken Omusi-Ehue
UX Designer and Researcher.


United States Office


180 Sansome ST, San Francisco, CA 94104

Support and Sales:  (+1) 62 82 099 104



United Kingdom Office


4 Caledon Road, London E6 2HE

Support and Sales:  (+44) 75 79 403 138



Headoffice Spain


Arquitectura 2 Tower 11 Floor 7th 41015 Seville

Support and Sales:  (+34) 854 522 480


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Timely Support

Getting you the right information as quick as possible is our goal. Contact our bilingual team and get quick responses.

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Advanced Knowledge

We understand that there can be huge variations in projects and what information you demand. Our team is here to ensure that you get what you require.

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With expert knowledge within the user experience industry, feel sure that you are getting the best knowledge and understanding for your product

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Clear Communication

All information is given to you in a raw and organised manner so that you can extract as much as possible. Our friendly team speak in English and Spanish.

We would love to have a chat and understand how to help