When we talk about the tasks of the ecommerce manager, we must remember that we are referring to a figure whose main objective is to make a connection between traditional selling modes and electronic sales, which is growing more and more.


Let’s say you have to know how to perfectly manage both tasks and join them in the search for the success of your company, and electronic sales will never cease to be a trade, and the stores of yesteryear, which still remain fundamental have much to teach the current ecommerce.

In this way, we find a job of high responsibility that is dedicated to managing the entire sales apparatus of any company that operates on the Internet. No matter what is sold, what really matters is to sell it, and that depends a lot on ecommerce managers. But, what exactly do these employees paint in a company? What are your main tasks? Is there any aspect that has more weight than the rest in this regard?  Checkealos will update you on this matter, do not miss anything.

The ecommerce manager in the company

If there is a main characteristic that an ecommerce manager should show in a company,is the capacity of management and organisation, as much of the team as of stock, among other things. Their role has a lot to do with the sales figures of the company for which they carry out its tasks, and will be a fundamental part of the success or failure.

Accordingly, it is necessary to carefully evaluate and mark from the outset what the work that will be carried out by the person holding this position.

In another order of things, to occupy this role in a company it is necessary to offer certain guarantees, which is achieved with some experience in regards to having worked the sales both online and offline.

At the same time, certain formative achievements and extensive knowledge must be maintained in order to certify a role. As we have pointed out, is absolutely essential for any company that wants to become an Internet referent by selling its products.

Finally, his abilities regarding interpersonal relations are another of the essential values that this worker must offer to his company.

What are the main tasks of an ecommerce manager?

The main tasks of an ecommerce manager consist of the following: exercise as a common point of encounter between traditional and online sales. To do this you must manage teams of people, deal with logistics and everything that has to do minimally with sales of e-commerce: prices, modes of payment, shipping and expenses corresponding to this point and even marketing.

In addition, the ecommerce manager must be a great connoisseur of the CMS to be able to choose and to manage to perfection the system and the channel with which will operate his store through Internet; Therefore, it is obvious that their knowledge about information technology is absolutely essential, and more specifically about this aspect. The relationship with customers is a primary value of the company, and this is also the responsibility of the person in charge of electronic commerce, who must give utmost importance to the comfort and the facilities in the interaction that the users will have with its web page destined to the Sales. But how can this be achieved? Is it also the position and responsibility of the ecommerce manager?

The importance of UX in the role of an ecommerce manager

Partly yes, and partly not. Certainly, the ecommerce manager is responsible for the fact that the online store on which his entire company depends works perfectly, and this also implies his organisation and a perfect User Experience. But as we have been explaining throughout this post, your responsibilities are too many and it is unlikely that you can take over absolutely everything.

The Usability or User Experience (UX) is a fundamental aspect for any website to achieve success, but this factor is even more relevant when it comes to an ecommerce. So, as it could not be in any other way, the ecommerce manager should ensure that everything works wonderfully in the eyes of the user, and that it offers an interface quite comfortable and simple, because otherwise the rebound effect will become The standard in their electronic store and the customers will end up marching by where they arrived. Where? Probably to any other online store where they feel more comfortable.

But as we have already mentioned, it is usual that the ecommerce manager does not have time to deal with these aspects, or at least not so much to investigate the User Experience, but to invest in its improvements. What happen? That in order to correct and optimise a web in the eyes of the user, it becomes necessary to know what aspects require changes or improvements, otherwise none of this would make sense. And that is where the problem appears, How can this employee know the usability deficiencies that are presented in your ecommerce?



Well, precisely to solve this problem, more frequent than what at first glance may seem in a large number of electronic shops, has created Checkealos, a platform that offers you help to make your work as an ecommerce manager is pan eaten to this Respect, and to make your web page work perfectly on usability issues.

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