Cookies Policy

Checkealos uses cookies to facilitate better user experience and rich interactions like many other websites.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is inserted into your computer the first time you visit a webpage. On every computer there is a folder where all the cookies are saved. Please note that these cookies d) don’t have any virus.

To remove cookies from major browsers:

For Internet Explorer, you must go from the ‘Tools’ menu and choose ‘Internet Options’. Under ‘internet options’ go to the ‘Privacy’ tab and adjust the level of security you need. Furthermore, in the ‘General’ tab of the same menu you can delete cookies and the history with the pages visited. ‘Internet Explorer 8 ’and above prevents the browser from storing cookies, temporary Internet files, history and other data while browsing in ‘In Private’ mode.

For Firefox user can select ‘Options’ then ‘Tools’ menu and then ‘History’ to clear all history. Firefox 3.5 and above include the ability to browse privately from tool menu.

For Chrome user can select ‘Tools’ menu and then ‘History’ to clear all history.

For Opera (Windows) select the Tools menu, then select delete personal information. Then click on detailed options and select ‘Delete all traces’.

Safari (Windows), click on the ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Preferences’. Then select ‘Security’, select show cookies and then click ‘Remove All’.

You can find more information here:



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What do we do with that information?

Thanks to the cookie, if you have chosen a favourite brand, you can get information on it as soon as you enter the website, in addition to personalized information. We also use the information stored in cookies for remarketing and allowing us to show advertising products that match your preferences. This technology is implemented through Google Analytics for advertisers Display Network.

5.1. The following cookies from the company Google Inc. collects anonymous use data for various purposes:

DoubleClick: uses cookies to improve advertising. Often they are used for target advertising based on content that is relevant to a user, improving the report of campaign performance and avoiding duplicate ads already seen by users.

Google Analytics collects user behaviour within the web with built-in analytical and improving our services. Thanks to this cookie better understand what type of user visiting us, what pages or sections interest you most, what options do you prefer in our services, etc. and as a result we promote improvements within the page to bring up the content that really interests you most.

Right Media: Collects user behaviour within the web with built-in analytical and customizing services. It helps with targeted advertising that best suit your needs.

Cookies Policy was last updated on [12/19/2014].

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How does it help?

Cookie help to serve the information based on user preferences since it stores information about a user. For more information about cookies, visit the page

What data is collected by cookies of

It collects and helps Checkealos recognize the computer used and the behaviour data in previous visits like page views, date, time etc. This identifier is not associated in any other personal data.