We help you break the barrier between users and creators

There are various ways to work with Checkealos. We are always open to new recruits.

User Experience Research Jobs

What we want

We want people to provide best-in-class user experience for their customers. At Checkealos, we aim to increase the success of any project or brand without having to use expensive labs or inefficient tools. We want to help every single digital professional connect with their target audience, breaking down the barrier between the business and their users, no matter how big it may be.

The Checkealos Team: Who we are

A Multidisciplinary Team

Each professional expert has years of experience in their sector, meaning that we can work together and combine our skills to provide the best possible service and testing for your company

A Caring Team

We offer 24/7 services to our client on any and every project they might have

An International team

As a company, we take pride in being on an international scale. All of our offices around the globe are connected, allowing us to work together and expand our knowledge of our customers’ markets.

Our User Experience Specialists

Our experts come from very diverse fields ranging from Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Psychology, and Fine Arts. Everyone on the team specializes in the field of User Experience.

They have 8 + years of experience building great customer experiences working for companies such as Telefonica, Inditex Group, Tuenti, Capgemini, Groupon, and Apple, among many others.

UX Researcher