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With this blog, we will give you the necessary tools to define, plan, and measure the usability of any product or technology in the easiest way possible.

What web usability criteria to use?

When we talk about web usability we talk about the ease with which a user can use a web, navigate and interact with it.
An easy-to-use web (with good usability) is much more likely to succeed; Internet users want easy-to-use websites, do not want complications or need much time to understand a web or access information.
But … how do we get it?

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What is User Experience

The User Experience (UX) is the perception, either positive or negative, that a user obtains after interacting with a product or service.
In the interaction of a user with a web page, a software or an app involved many factors such as graphic design, intuitiveness, trust, information architecture etc., which will be determinant in the user’s perception about it; That is, in the user experience.

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